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Friday, 19 May 2017

In which there are weirdos out there...

I don't like that 'Banksy' nonsense...

But I've always had a sneaking admiration for the spray can wordsmith who sallies forth, under the light of the moon, in order to share his/her innermost thoughts with a passing motorist or two.

Who can forget 'Free Nelson Mandela' or 'George Davis' et al.

I well recall a drunken reveller trawling the byways of Luton when I was a gal hollering 'Free Nelson Mandela' when some wag pulled up his sash window and shouted...
'If it's free, give us half a pound'

As for poor old George sodding Davis, I couldn't give a kipper's dick: either wear Asda clothes or fecking don't.


I have been musing, this very day, upon my favourite ever graffiti offering...

'Have a poo'

It's sprayed on a utilities box along Silk Mills Road, where no pedestarian ever treads, it being a traffic only zone.

Imagine the determination of the odd fellow who took the night air to pass on that valuable smidgen of information to the passing hoardes.

It carries no political message, is not particularly profane, but it makes I titter every time I sees it!

AND, tis rather good to know that there are persons abroad who are weirder than me.

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