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Thursday, 4 May 2017

In which One's thoughts turn to Royalty...

So our longest serving consort has retired from public duty at the ripe old age of ninety five...

Even with my, bordering on obsessive, interest in past Royals and their doings, struggle to find anything even remotely appealing about the current crop.

Some poor Labour Party sap is currently being vilified for daring to tweet 'congratulations upon retiring from a job you have loved into a comfortable retirement with no money worries' or words to that effect.

What's wrong with that, Dear Reader? True, isn't it?

Unlike vast swathes of the working poor in this realm, me included, who shall be toiling on well into our late sixties, knackered and worn down by life.

Currently, One is nursing a painful stomach and a severely stressed sphincter, having picked up the first of, no doubt, many infections from my current place of work.

A previous employer used to get all uppity when an employee suggested that their cold/upset stomach or whatever ailment, had been contracted in the workplace...

'How do you know you caught it here?' he would enquire, indignantly.

In any line of work apart from Care, that would be a valid statement, but I, for one, don't liaise with any other persons who sneeze/cough/spit in my face or render me in daily contact with their waste products.

Anyway, back to the Royals...

Dear old politically incorrect Prince Phil might actually be missed, given that we'll have more exposure to the dull, sulky Heir to the Throne. I quite like that old mare Camilla though.  Certainly more appealing than that pouting, doe eyed dullard Diana who couldn't get her empty head around the old chap's dalliance.   Quite a working class attitude for one brought up in Aristocratic circles.

Anyway, I hope Harry marries that American girl.  Heaven knows they could do with an injection of glamour and exotic good looks.

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