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Sunday, 28 May 2017

In which justice is going to be seen to be done...

Told a fellow resident about the amount of our maintenance money that has been spent on litigation ...

AND, about how, if the underground lair is ever sold, the Uber Leutnent will expect the many thousands paid for 'Buttgate' thereby leaving One penniless. Or, apparently, she could stop a sale.

Where's the justice in that scenario?

Not that I expect anyone to care, but I think the other inmates, of what is now a prison block, should know.

Anyway, no-one else wants to do the job so I expect our funds will be used for her diabolical purposes for time immemorial.

I wonder if Karma actually exists?

It's so much easier to be nice. Why would you want to be anything else?

But wait, I feel a Michael Douglas in Falling Down moment coming on.

But before I attend to that I just have to pop upstairs and remind the idiot above that he lives in a flat.

1 comment:

kinny said...

on the plus side, your humour has not yet deserted you, nor your wit..xx,