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Sunday, 7 May 2017

In which I'm going grey before my very eyes...

If I had a car I'd go to the Watchet Street Fair today...
But since I don't (well I do, actually, but it's been deceased in me parking space, with actual saplings growing out of the boot for the passing of many a moon now) I shall be staying in dear old Wiv, see above (original sold, prints now available)

By the way, apols for the strange centralised text, Dear Reader, am using ancient old pooter that won't do my bidding any more (it took me over an hour to upload the photograph of the painting.  Finally found in in a 1980 file, which is fecking amazing since I didn't even have a pooter in 1980)

Anyway, BFP said I should get the car repaired as he thinks is worth about four and a half thousand pounds. Methinks not since I only paid three and a half for it when I was residing in Devon, mistake, BIG mistake.  If it worked it would be worth four hundred and fifty quid! I shall actually have to pay someone to take it away and since I don't even have the bus fare to get to Watchet, it'll have to fester away growing trees out of the boot for the foreseeable.

Am currently sitting at poor old pooter waiting for hair dye to take, turning me into blonde again (because I'm worth it) 

Sitting alongside me is the dear old Kindle , currently resting in pieces.  Yesterday it went into 'safe mode'  What the feck is that when it's at home.  Went online to see if anyone else's had suffered the same fate and lo and behold there are many other poor old saps who can't get into their apps and can't play Candy Crush Saga.  Shame for me as that's my substitute for a social existence!

Regarding Oneself in the looking glass, One appears to be turning grey before my very eyes.  I should be turning 'lightest ash blonde' but it looks like some wag has swapped the colours in the hair dye box for a laugh.  Well, I ain't laughing Buster!

Suppose it's right and fitting that One should be sporting grey hair anyway being of a great age now, but like Glenys Kinnock all I want engraved on my gravestone is 'She was Blonde.'

Blimey, I look a right moose now!  Gradually going darker and darker!  Should I was it off now and be done with it?  Oh sod it!  I'll just wait and see what happens.  It's probably the most exciting thing that will happen to me today.

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