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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

In which I'm bogged off AGAIN...

Oh goody...
The start of a new working week!  But wait! Today's little extravaganza: a course to attend.

Won't that be jolly.  Surrounded by young persons, I presume, and me sticking out like an aged care worn, sore thumb.

Ah well, it'll soon be over, hopefully.  Life has become something of a chore, of late.  One should be snuggled under a blankie watching day time telly and working out if I can afford a low cost funeral plan, with a free pen just for enquiring.

The May Fair was a bit of a damp squib...

Posh people flogging their old junk at extortionate prices and purveyors of fine food attending to the needs of the hungry masses.

One availed Oneself of a three quid tomato plant and wobbled away into the crowd.

The usual suspects weren't even there this year, apart from one potter who's been plodding gamely on with the same style wares he purveyed back in 2006 when me and BF first opened the shop.

Nothing changes, does it, Dear Reader...

But wait! Some things do. We now have a private firm 'policing' parking outside the block. What next? A curfew?

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