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Friday, 12 May 2017

In which I give up...

I'm back on the second hand sofa, Dear Reader...

It's 2.15am and I'm wide awake...

I did sleep yesterday, after going back to bed at 5.00am, until 4.45pm, effectively missing my day off.

I really should spend this time changing the header on this blog because, let's face it, it's not funny any more.  It's just a litany of misery and my own private hell.

Working in many care homes over the years I've witnessed numerous old ladies screaming out to God to let them die, so you'd think I'd be counting my blessings and revelling in my liberty.

Is it a chemical imbalance that makes me prone to periods of deep misery? Or the fact that I work my arse off each month, get paid, and then have to choose whether to eat or pay the mortgage.

What's the fecking point?

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