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Sunday, 14 May 2017

In which even I can still dream...

Slept almost all day yesterday too...

Am determined to stay awake today so as to have had at least a little time to myself before it begins again tomorrow.

Am feeling almost chipper having slept for the greater part of two days and nights. So, shall begin by cleaning the oven.

Then, I might do the washing and ironing before putting the Hoover round.

Having been in self imposed exile for the passing of many a moon, I've run out of chums to idle the odd hour away with.

Must set aside some time for the weekly harvest: sloughing of facial skin (the dermabrasion kit is still doing it's worst), take the cheese grater to the bottom of me feet, paint me toenails and singe me split ends.

If I had a car I'd go and look at the sea, and maybe dip my gnarled toes in the water, but I don't so I'll stand in the washing up bowl in the back garden and hold a shell to my ear.

Even I can still dream...

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