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Friday, 21 April 2017

In which we debate our ghastly fate...

It's awfully difficult to support oneself financially when all alone with the burden, isn't it, Dear Reader?  Most especially if one is of the female persuasion and fast approaching old age.

One was deep in conv with two fellow late middle-aged ladies just the other day, who both have husbands, who were shouldering the family's financial burden alone. Both their husbands had, seemingly, entered mid-life crisis, abandoned their lucrative careers and deliberately allowed the burden of earning the entire family's living to their wives.  Notwithstanding the fact that the lion's share of housework and childcare still fell under the umbrella of the wife.

It really is still a man's world. with the thrilling array of menial job opportunities out their for women returning to work after having children.

Let's think: Care work (the catch-all euphemism for shit-shovelling), part time shop work, child minding, cleaning to name but a few of the exciting opportunities designed for us only.

As we bemoaned our fate, other passing women joined the debate.
'It's alright for you,' said one of them to me, 'you can just paint another picture and make some extra cash.'
Quite when I'm supposed to do that, who knows?  At night when I get home from a day charging around a Care Home presumably.

We would have all banded together to March on Downing Street simply to grizzle about our fate to the WOMAN at the top, but most of us had to dash home to cook supper and get ready for work the next day...

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