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Saturday, 29 April 2017

In which One is in bad shape...

Awake at the crack, as per...

Well, I say 'awake' in the sense of arising from the truckle bed, but failing to gain a sufficiency of sleep due to the most horrendous heartburn.

One's  chest and throat have been on fire, and still are...
Tis another of those discomforts that come with age, or it could have been the chicken vindaloo and pint of Pinot.

Either way, tis age related, since persons of my vintage probably should have knocked the curry/wine/fags on the head years ago.

Might be an actual physical complaint though since having had to dash toiley-boiley-ward on many an occasion yesterday with a runny bottom, One is not in good shape.
Mind you though throughout one visit One managed to fart 'The Wedding March' in it's entirety.

'Ooooh, it could be an omen' I hear you chorus Dear Reader,'maybe a proposal is looming nigh'

Huh! Methinks not! The only thing on the horizon for me today is a day on the bog.

Mind you, were I to get a proposal I could swerve the organ and simply fart my way up the aisle.

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