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Saturday, 8 April 2017

In which Nana has a theory...

That is an enhanced view of One that is used on some gallery websites...
Presumably, the dimpled, varicose, gargantuan One of the present is deemed too alarming for the great unwashed.

Ah well, following a v pleasant afternoon with Nana, I now learn that I've lost my 'oomph' as well as my looks.  And, do you know what, Dear Reader, she's right.

I've been like a vast galleon adrift in a sea of sorrow for so long now that I'm not sure if I can navigate my way back to shore.

Sometimes I glimpse dry land, but then seem to drift aimlessly around the doldrums again following even the slightest setback.

Where has the devil-may-care One of old gone, and will she ever return?

I'm such a misery guts now it's no wonder people avoid me.

I used to bounce around like a geriatric Tigger, charging headlong from one disaster to the next without a care in the world with the mantra, 'I don't worry about things that I can't do anything about.'

Maybe it's just the passage of time, or the years of dragging my flolloping flab to and from a never ending stream of menial jobs that's defeated me?

Maybe I just miss Boy?

Nana has a theory and I hope to goodness she's wrong.

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