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Friday, 28 April 2017

In which a day out beckons...

Am still suffering the after effects of the home dermabrasion kit...

I'm now at the shedding stage despite resorting to a WD 40 rub down yester-eve.  All around me gob has gone red and is shedding in a most unattractive dandruff style manner, giving One the appearance of a gorilla with alopecia.

Anyway, have now got to the 'invisible' stage that all girls get to eventually.  You know the drill, Dear Reader: approaching sixty, no longer boffable, so therefore unseen by the naked eye and any opinion one might express falls on deaf ears.

Might as well call it a day and acquire some beige, crimpelene, elasicated waist trousers and some Velcro-fastening shoes that you can only get from a catalogue.

Who cares? Am off to exfoliate face with a brillo pad and then spend a thrilling day in the Wivey Washer.

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