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Thursday, 16 March 2017

In which the obit is writ...

Slowly emerging from my current black hole...

I am really struggling with the logic of the person who misrepresented the last debacle in the workplace that I had to abandon.

What  earth was the point in giving an old crock like me a job masquerading as an 'activity organiser' when it was clearly a hands-on care job?

I really did try, too, but 'KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS WOMAN' is a mantra I shall adhere to forthwith.

What on earth can I do next?

My current source of reference must be on something of a perpetual loop, for goodness sake.

One lesson I have learned, well, two, actually: I can't function without the discipline of full time employment, and I should never have left my job in care in Wivey, no matter how challenging it was.

Here lies One. She made poor decisions and stupid mistakes.

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