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Sunday, 19 February 2017

In which 'tis the day of rest...

Off to the last meet of the season.  V foggy on top of the moor, but as they left the sun came out.
Never a horsey type as a girl I still don't see the appeal of it all, but we'll, it's so very English and they do look splendid.

You'd never know that hunting had been banned. Well, not in Devon anyway.

They can go on about the Fox being vermin until they're blue in the face, but to me, hunting down and tearing a creature to shreds is anathema.

Oh, I don't know though, there are a couple of persons abroad that I could quite cheerfully rip to pieces, but 'tis Sunday, the day of rest so instead I shall take the cheese grater to the hard skin on me feet and bleach me upper lip hair.

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