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Saturday, 25 February 2017

In which laughter may be on its way...

Saturday afternoon: Anchors Away followed by High Society, what could be better than that, Dear Reader?

I'm currently reclining on the second hand sofa, wet hair, peel-off cucumber face pack drying...  and accepting the fact that, in  all probability, it's too late to emulate the divine Grace Kelly, and one should slide as gracefully as one is able into a grey haired, sans make-up, old age.

I wonder what you're doing, Dear Reader, particularly you persons Francais.  Yes, I can see you there, thanks to the Boy genius who put the counter on my blog.

I imagine you beside a log fire, sitting in an elegant chair, looking out of your Paris apartment window, over the winter rooftops.  Or maybe you're in a farmhouse kitchen surrounded by children and dogs and baking something delicious for tea.

To you, I must apologize for not being even the slightest bit amusing over the past months, but it's grey, windy and cold here and definitely lacking in amusement.

Anyway, New job on Monday. People to meet and places to go and hopefully laughter will resume in the Underground Lair...

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