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Thursday, 23 February 2017

In which it's all Hurrah!...

Hurrah!  Have got new job and upon completion of a current mission of mercy, shall be leaping into action again in the manner of a coiled spring.

It has been an anxious time during which I have trawled self-help books whilst breathing into a brown paper bag.

Why, Dear Reader, is it always a 'Brown' paper bag that is required for the alleviation of panic?  Are other colours without the soothing property of the good old brown paper bag?

Anyway, once back in residence at the Underground Lair on the morrow, shall call New place of employ and ascertain the whereabouts of day one.

Obv, I'd rather be sitting, legs akimbo, in a deck chair on Paignton beach at this point in life, but with no pension arrangements 'twould appear One shall be required to undertake gainful employ until the grim reaper comes a'calling.

My little, fat, varicose legs have a few miles yet to trudge...

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