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Monday, 20 February 2017

In which BF is definitely going to Heaven...

So, that's what it was girls...

How lovely of Kirsty Wark to make a documentary about the menopause with all it's associated delights.  I bet every woman since the beginning of time has been wondering what that was all about. 

How fortunate we are to have a 'celebrity' menopause to refer to!

What is it with these media/celebrity types? 

Each time one of the bleach toothed, plastic nellied nonentities shoots out a baby they feel the need to make a tv show/write a book to inform the rest of us.

And now, a helpful little guide to the menopause. 

We were all the result of childbirth and every Mother knows the delights of squeezing something the size of a 'feeds 8 to 10' Christmas turkey through an opening the size of a pencil sharpener hole.

Yes, we all have individually peculiar menopausal delights.  Why, as you know from reading this nonsense, Dear Reader, One went completely bonkers, ran away from home with someone I had nothing in common with and lived to regret it.  (But then again, so did he, the poor chap!)

We've all awoken with a moist imprint of out bodies on the sheets, in the manner of the Turin Shroud.  We all have had mood swings/super-floo-us hairs in unfortunate places and we've all gone to work, done the housework and just got the hell on with it for goodness sake!

Yes, it's ghastly, but for fecks sake, keep it to yourself or write a little old blog like I do to get it out of my system.

Yes, I only write this for myself.  If I didn't I'd be boring the arse off everyone I meet with my various mental health issues.  Lucky for you my long suffering carer BF gets her dear little ears chewed off with it.  If there is a Heaven, she certainly has earned a place!

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