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Monday, 2 January 2017

In which One is pissed off as feck...

Just watching TV before dragging my varicose carcass to the shop to begin the year's toil.

Sorry to see that there's to be yet another X Factor style heap of old shite to tantalise the mouth-breathers.

One cannot be alone in One's distaste of these ghastly oiks seeking fame and fortune and the title of 'celebrity'
Their hideous, chavvy family members, with their acrylic fingernails  and painted on square eyebrows squeal approval from the wings and sweat into their lycra in anticipation.

One can but hope there are some young persons out there who aspire to actual professions, but let them not fall into the trap of One, who chose unwisely and found the world had moved on and left One behind as fodder for Care or shop work.

Yes, One is dissatisfied and pissed off as feck.

I do have a plan though...

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