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Monday, 9 January 2017

In which One adopts a hard-line policy...

One's current and new policy of non-lame-duckage collection is satisfyingly paying dividends.

'She must be your friend,' opined One's youthful co-worker, when an unidentified sort in the Purveyor of Fine Foodstuffs conversed with One in a most intimate manner.

'Well she's not,' retorted One, 'I've not the slightest idea who she is.'
'Did she buy a painting from you?' pursued he.
'If she did it can't of been a big one. I always remember anyone who's given me vast sums of money.'
'Everyone knows your name,' continued he.

One simply shrugged One's shoulders, not caring to explain.

One is no longer a fully paid up people-pleaser, good listener, helper-outer. In fact One now utters the unthinkable 'no' without explanation should One choose to be unavailable and regularly bins unsolicited telephone details of persons One does not wish to have coffee with.

Time, or anything else for that matter, shall always be in abundant supply for Boy, the A and BF, but the great unwashed needy of this parish can feck right off, One is not at home.

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