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Saturday, 8 October 2016

In which we are short changed...

One, having been a captain of industry in One's youth, (well, a Drawing Office Manager) enjoyed a productive, lucrative and respected working life. Having spent time out rearing Boy, doing feck all and then many years self employment as a jobbing painter, it has come as something of a shock, upon One's return to the workplace, to encounter what can only be described as Victorian working practices.

In the world of 'Care' workers are routinely expected to work fourteen hour days, sleep in their place of employment and endure a twelve hour day to follow. If your day off coincides with a 'sleep in' you wake up, on your day off, in your place of work.
A twelve and a half hour day has three five minute breaks and no lunch break as workers are expected to eat with their charges who routinely run off/spit in your food or physically assault you.

I now hear of one hour's notice extra working hours in packing warehouses for which workers are not paid until the end of the financial year.

But my favorite scam of the moment, being directly involved, is the practice of cashing up at the end of a shift, if you are a shop worker.
Upon questioning this practice, One was told...
'Well, it only takes ten minutes.'
Not so. It takes at least twenty, and those minutes are MY TIME.
Imagine, Dear Reader, the thousands of hours of unpaid work that goes on in this country.

Working practices in this country have fallen well below an acceptable standard.
Who will address this new and unacceptable practice.
Not me. I need a job.

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