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Monday, 17 October 2016

In which One is reclining...

One is feeling uber gloomy today, Dear Reader...

One should be reclining on a comfy beach somewhere, fag in one hand, cocktail in the other.

Instead One is making ready to perambulate in the gen direc of the purveyor of groceries, where One shall be humping boxes of essentials up the stairs to feed the great Wivey unwashed.

Don't misunderstand One, Dear Reader, One is quite keen on One's little simple occupation, but, in dire need of a break.

Yesterday was an odd day in the store as the Square's electricity was out for hours.

All transactions were in cash as the tills and scanners were down. When power came back we were required to decipher our long lists of shorthand transactions and scan the lot.

One can't deal with anything out of the norm these days and is currently reclining breathing into a brown paper bag.

The other grocery emporium shut it's doors, chucked out all it's chilled and frozen produce, whilst we, with our 'can do' spirit soldiered on with the aid of a torch and One's lightening mental arithmetic abilities.

Perhaps some of the infrequent visitors to our store, the store of preference being shut, will favour us with their custom again.

One would hope so, since we were selling our chilled goods for half price, while the other store chucked theirs out. When questioned as to the possibility of donating the produce to the poor and needy, they replied, 'it's not company policy.'


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