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Saturday, 15 October 2016

In which One is in hiding...

A splendid time of year, Dear  Reader...

Just nippy enough for a hot water bottle to shove down me leggings during a delicious afternoon nap, AND, the 'special socks' are out for the season.

'Oh my gawd!' exclaimed the Admiral as he parked his mobility scooter in the hall and One appeared wearing a baggy-arsed Tesco Home and Wear tracksuit and the aforementioned special socks.

Having, over the years, now farted seven times in his presence, One felt secure enough in his affections to introduce the tracksuit accompanied by the socks.

Above the neck, however, One sported the face of an angel, fully made up and coiffed, since One had been up since sparrow's fart presenting the Community Show on 10 Radio with Dear Old A.
103.5fm or is it 105.3, anyway it's online on 10

A few hours in the company of D
 old A does wonders for an old one like One and we met some interesting coves.

Who would have thought that sleepy old Wivey played such a part in the Monmouth Rebellion?
One of our guests mesmerized One with an account of three Wivey articles having been hung drawn and quartered and their tarred remains being hung in the town to deter others from traitorous doings.

Serves ''em right for passing the totem poles at the edge of town!

Stay in the village. That's my advice, Dear Reader, feast on marked down sausages from Central Stores, wack a couple of pints of Thatchers finest down yer neck of a Friday pm and hide from the cruel world in deepest Somerset.

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