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Thursday, 1 September 2016

In which One is sick of the inequality in society...

'Twas but last week I believe, Dear Reader, that One likened the Support Worker to a worker bee dancing attendance on the Queen...

Upon further procrastination, One has settled upon the analogy of the Indian untouchable worshipping the goddess with multiple limbs, for we, the ordinary of the people are wont to wait on the odd, hand, foot and fingernail.

As One has droned on about before: it is a mark of a civilised society that we look after those who are incapable of looking after themselves, plus the ones that have families who either can't, or choose not to look after their challenging offspring.

BUT  and it's a huge BUT, we appear to have, as a society gone completely bonkers.

One can no longer remain party to a system that allows the less fortunate to lead a better life than those looking after them.

The less fortunate have champions galore and woe betide anyone who should question the enormous amount of taxpayers money that goes to support their never ending supply of new clothes, iPads, trips out to lunch, cinema/theatre visits, massage therapies etc etc

And let us not forget the Motability vehicles which their families keep for their own use. (Replaced every three years at the expense of the tax payer)

The poor old support worker, One included, works their collective arses off for little more than the minimum wage, gets assaulted on a daily basis, cleans up excrement from all over the shop and still doesn't earn enough to meet their commitments.

One is out of it from Sunday, and not a moment too fecking soon.

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