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Thursday, 11 August 2016

In which Fluff Freeman rides again...

Good Morning plop-pickers...

Why, just the other morning One and a fellow plop-picker were confronted by a naked man strutting his stuff for all and sundry...

'He's beach-body ready,' sniggered One...

And this set in motion (geddit?) the plop-pickers chart for the week...

 Number two:   They're all number twos actually.    

'Walking on the beaches, picking up the faeces.'

The Stranglers


Oh the Deadhead Stage is coming on over the hills
Where the pasta's soggy and a twit's dispensing the pills
Twenty-three turds we've smothered today
Oh Shit-crap away, shit-crap away, shit-crap away...

Dozzer Day


'Ave a poo poo poo
Drop them bad boys in the sink
Even though we know it'll make the whole house stink.
'Ave a poo poo poo
You revolting mucky pup
Then some poor old sod will come in and mop it up
'Ave a poo poo poo
Seize the moment whilst you can
Then we'll take you out to do wee-wees in the van

Black Lace?


and one for the night shift...

Strangers in the night
exchanging wet-wipes
It turned out so shite
for strangers in the night

'Ole brown hands

Several support workers were harmed during the making of this blog

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