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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

In which One fashions some new footwear from discarded plastic bottles...

New shoes, Dear Reader...
Shoes of the worn out, downtrodden, battered, flollopy dollop, previously known as Lovely One.
I'll grant you they're not the unsual dainty sandalettes of yore, but neither are One's feet.
One has taken tiredness to a whole new level this past week or so...

One is tired of being hit/bitten/scratched/pinched and generally yelled at and misused for me troubles.

What's a girl to do?

Yesterday was a welcome break in the monotonous world of getting bashed up and One sallied forth to a different House to take a masterclass in knitting.

Oh the gentle world of yarn...
What a delight it was to sit in complete safety surrounded by enquiring little faces longing to learn how to fashion a ball of yarn into a garment.
That, and a mid afternoon lecture from a gardening type about grass snakes and the day was done.

Biffing to Waitrose on One's way home, One expected to find garden plants at a knockdown price since we are yet to achieve a sunny day in it's entirety.  But, no, scabby, unwatered blooms various were marked at a ridiculous price, so One cleared off home to survey the salad and fruit offerings.

One sodding measly looking unripe strawberry nodded in the breeze and a single pea sized tomato peered out from it's browning foliage.  As for the salad, with One's minimal knowledge of 'mixed salad leaves', as it said on the seed packet, One hesitates to harvest a handful to perk up the Asda Smart Price Spam, as One isn't exactly sure if One is eating weeds, harmful or no.

Any road up, this week One was looking forward to a sojourn with BF,  but, as usual One has been pushing out the zeds in me truckle bed at every available opportunity.

Next week Dear Aged P will be alighting from a chum's vehicle to write her name in the dust on top of the pianola.

That reminds me, I must email chum and explain that One will quite understand if she has to push Aged P into the oncoming traffic on the M5 just to shut her the feck up!

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