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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

In which Coronation Street is almost missed...

Tis that most unusual of days - A double blogger...

'How do you wash your face?' Came the enquiry after One told Aged P that no hot water came out of the hot water tap due to One not being able to afford to replace the boiler.
'I've got an electric shower, a cold fill washing machine, and I just boil a kettle to wash up,' replied One, knowing full well I'd be opening a can of worms by offering too much information.
'What happens if you get your hair wet?' went on she.
I knew I was going to hate myself for pursuing that particular line of enquiry...
' I dry it?' One ventured.
'You know what I mean' spat she adopting her 'bulldog chewing a wasp' face.
One explained that One washes One's face, hair and indeed all of One in the shower.
This was deemed to be a filthy lie as...
'No one washes their hair every day.'


'Would you like to go to the seaside?' said One.
'Do you want to? I don't mind,' replied Aged P.
'I can go anytime, can't I. I'll take you if you want.'

And lo, we arrive at the seafront in Minehead.
'I can't get out of the car, it's too windy and will spoil my hair,' said she.
We drove back...

'I'll get something nice for supper then,' offered One.
'I've got a Marks and Spencer Cumberland pie,' she said, 'and I'm missing Coronation Street.'

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