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Thursday, 7 May 2015

In which One pays the Mortgage–hurrah…..


Hurrah!  One has drawn out the mortgage bill from the hat and paid it!, thereby, hopefully, not having to take up residence in One’s new home, see above, that’s me that is, Dear Reader.

Let us pray that it is enough to halt the seemingly inevitable repossession of One’s Underground Lair.

‘As one door closes, another door closes’…

‘It’s  not you, it’s me,’ sayeth the lodger as he informed One that it takes too long to get to work from here.

Well, he didn’t actually say the ‘it’s me’ bit, but it sounds so much more dramatic, doesn’t it, Dear Reader?

Any road up, have received what appears to be one week’s wages for a month’s graft…

When One was a captain of industry in One’s youth, One would have laughed at the pittance that One now gratefully grabs with both hands.

Such is life, Dears, and One shall sally forth with a grimace on One’s face to confront another day.

Off in search of another incumbent of the Kingdom of Spare Oom, but not before One has biffed off to smother the Admiral in kisses for an entire 48hour period.

All that frog kissing has finally paid off and One is in possession of a Handsome Prince at last…

‘He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not’ etc etc…………

Can’t think of a single funny thing that’s happened this week.  Early yet though, isn’t it Darlings…

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