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Saturday, 23 May 2015

In which One is ravaged...

I've done my first twenty-four hour shift, Dear Reader.
'She won't be able to cope with it' was the word around town, 'the noise will keep her awake all night.'
But no, One can kip through anything as demonstrated by One's surprise at finding the devastation following the 1986 hurricane that One slumbered through.
And now One is on holiday for two weeks.
Not actually going anywhere since One is penniless, but given what occurred this morning that may change...
Let me explain, Dear Reader...
The A of the F was flicking through a Teach yourself Spanish book when One awoke.
Thus far we shall be alright if we...
1.  Ever want to converse with a vacationing dentist about engineering.
2.  Require a fish head to make some soup.
3.  Encounter a pack of stray dogs and be required to ascertain whether or not they are vicious.
One shall very likely swerve the engineering conversation with the dentist, but will throw the fish head to the dogs and biff off to the multogrande frock shop.

Back again after a further kip during which One dribbled on the A of the F's pillow.
One appears to have acquired a rather upside down, inside out look to my face complete with massive bags under me eyes.
The trouble is, Dear Reader, One can't be entirely certain that they will disappear throughout the day or they are yet another unwelcome addition to the ravages of time.

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