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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

In which One is the one what ate all the pies…



Went to a birthday party…

Ate a load of party food…

Walked rind and rind the grinds…

This has got to stop!

One was all set up to walk to work, consume a bag of salad leaves at lunchtime, walk home, scoff something fruit-based and go to bed early.

The whiff of pies and chips and party food has taken One into it’s fiendish grasp and One is consuming fuel of a unsatisfactory nature.

Not unsatisfactory in it’s scoffability, but unsatisfactory for an elderly old moggie like One who really needs to take greater care of Oneself.


‘Legal action Pending’ came the letter from One’s mortgage company.  One is sore afraid that One might be in the gutter rather sooner than One thought due to not earning enough to keep One’s angel face above the water line.

Ah well, with the summer coming and the extra pie and chips layer of fat, One should be warm enough on a comfy park bench.

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