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Saturday, 9 May 2015

In which One is excited in Sainsburys...

Blimey, Dear Reader, didn't awaken until nearly 10 o`clock,  and, the A of the F is wearing nice little old gentlemen's pyjamas.
Wos goin on?
One, of course, is ackled up in me best Carol Baker babydolls. Not quite so alluring now the ravages of gravity and the passing of many a moon have left their indelible marks on me thighs, but nonetheless still a comely cherub.
'Wanna cup of Earl Grey?' enquired One, twirling the Admirals pyjamas cord and expecting to be clutched into a warm embrace.
'You still here?' says he reaching for yet another one of his 'two for seven quid' Boys Own silly war books.
'How soon the flame of love can die' thinks One (and Henry Mancini)
Back with the tea....
Obv feeling a little guilty for taking One for granted, he pipes up...
'What's it to be today then? A trip to Sainsburys?'
'Don't you try and get round me with yer offer of trips to up market supermarkets'  said One, huffing off to the lavatory.

Please note, Dear Reader...
As one typed in the beginning of the sentence, 'A trip to...' The predictive text on me Kindle offered a two word choice: 'Tesco' and 'Barnstaple' thereby confirming that we lead a very dull life.
Better grasp the opportunity of a visit to Sainsburys. Obv the most excitement One'll get this weekend.

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