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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

In which One is a curio…


‘I’d love to take you out with my mates and get you drunk,’ said One’s young co worker, as One sat in the corner like a fossilised curio listening to her tales of alcohol consumption and the ghastly scenarios that follow.

Do these young persons imagine that One and the A of the F sit about in our bath chairs squabbling about who is going to make the bedtime Horlicks?

No, Dear Reader, we most certainly do not!

Then, another young passer-through biffed up enquiring of a further co-worker…

‘How many times a week do you do it?’

Obv, One was completely ignored during this exciting exchange, since One, being clearly too old to boff, would have no input.

Imbibing the information, One has realised that One and the A of the F have rather an exciting life in most departments.

Why, only this morning when One repaired to the grounds to breakfast on Espresso and fags, One couldn’t help but notice that something had been nibbling away at One’s Clematis all night long.


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