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Monday, 18 May 2015

In which it’s raining in my flat…


The Boiler’s out

The water’s cold

The new wood floor

Looks warped and old

and it’s raining

Raining in my flat.

The plumber says

it’s not insured

and further costs

must be endured

cos it’s raining

and he is a twat.

He is, Dear Reader, Oh, and by the way please sing the above as indicated by the accompanying picture.

Any road up, it’s not insured because he omitted to tell me it needed servicing every year and he didn’t sign and register it.  AND he charged me fifty quid call out fee for that information.

Well, One can’t afford to get it fixed, so no hot water EVER…

A completely shagged floor…

Not exactly a selling point for the dear old Underground Lair…

On a more positive note…

Exit stage left the lodger, but not before doing One a small service…

‘Before you leave would you see if you can fix my printer?’

‘Plug it in,’ says he, and lo, it worked.

Smart Arse!

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