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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

In which One is responding to the needs and requests of others…

seagull chips

Current Social Worker and Government dictats decree that ‘Service Users’ should be taken on outings when they request.

We biffed off in the blue bus to Minehead for fish and chips.

Hurricane Herbert was whipping up the foam and ‘twas freeeeezin’

‘Cold’ opined One’s charming companion, but on we biffed to find a shelter along the sea front.

One had a v small fish and chips which went completely against One’s current thinking, diet wise, but One needed something to warm One’s frostbitten hands on.

One’s companion ate some of hers and hurled the rest.

Nearby a large seagull was monitoring the situation and alerting his chums to the fish supper they were about to enjoy.

When suitably frozen, we boarded the bus and returned to base.

Tomorrow I am taking next door’s cat to the theatre.

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