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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

In which One is limp…

ilf 2

One is utterly ex-bleedin-hausted!  One actually worked until 8.30pm.  A shock to a delicate system likes One’s, I can tell you, Dear Reader.

The delicious A of the F, however, was obv lolling about on a cliff top somewhere in deepest Devan looking edible, as evidenced by the photographs One received, see above…

One ‘supported’ less able persons to the best of One’s meagre ability all day long.

‘Are you enjoying it?’ enquired one of One’s workmates.

‘Enjoy, is probably not quite the right word,’ replied One.

‘Enduring it then?’ asked he.

At present it’s probably somewhere in between, Dear Reader, as One is still reeling from the shock of actually being employed.

One shall give it One’s best shot and hope that’s good enough, however, as One is required to earn a crust.

‘Tis payday on the morrow and a chance for at least one lucky creditor to be drawn from the top hat and receive a payment, and, perchance, a tiny treat for Lovely One, say a smallish bottle of Pinot, that One shall consume in a single glug before falling like a felled oak into the A of the F’s sleigh-bed and pushing out the Z’s till One does it all again next week.

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