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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

In which One is laying low…


That, Dear Reader, is One in the only other mode of employment that One might be lucky enough to get.  Oh, and himself, who is equally as desirable in the labour market.

But, it may come to pass that One is seeking such a manner of employment, since a potential incident is bubbling under the surface at the House of Fun.

Only the other day a particularly frightening co worker bounded into the assembled throng with a grand plan regarding a venture which is right up One’s rue.

Hey Ho, thought One, couldn’t give a Kipper’s Dick, am only here to do the job and then vacate the premises with the means to pay the mortgage.

But later that day…

One of One’s superiors instructed One to be the leader of aforementioned venture.

This should all prove rather embarrassing and controversial, but not for One, as One isn’t going to inform co worker of change of plan.

Oh no, One is but a serf at the House of Fun and if said personage is to be subordinate to One for the venture, a superior being will have to tell her.

Let’s hope he has ‘Lion Tamer’ in his work history featuring prominently on his CV.

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