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Thursday, 23 April 2015

In which One has the face of an Angel and quite right too!…


One, Boy, Aged P’s BF and Daughter outside One’s tiny little country cottage, that went into the communal pot and was lost forever when One encountered Vile ex Husband.

Came upon picture, see above, during massive cleaning up session in Underground Lair.

‘Tis they who have invited One to Alabama.  Would that One could oblige and visit…


LO     Hello how are you?

Aged P    That bloody Eileen makes me sick she’s got sciatica, according to that idiot Doctor, and I know full well that you can’t get attendance allowance for that!  What about me?  I’ve got load of stuff and nobody gives me anything.

LO     Why don’t you ask social services then.  I’m sure you could get some help.

Aged P   Anyway it’s down her right leg and you can only get sciatica down your left leg.

LO     Well, I expect that the Doctor knows what he’s talking about.

Aged P   HUH! Anyway she’s always going down the town eating sausages and she wouldn’t be able to do that if she was in pain.  I’m sick of it!  I had to walk right up the station to get the bus and I’ve just had a big glass of red wine.

LO     Is everything else alright?

Aged P     Maureen said to me that you’ve always worked hard and you have such bad luck it’s not fair.


Indeed, ‘tis not fair.

Any road up, One was vacating the premises yesterday and greeted one of One’s co workers with a cheery ‘Hello’

‘You should have done that,’ replied aforementioned co worker pointing at the thing what One should have done.

Now, call me old fashioned, but I always start a conversation with a cheery greeting and One assumes that this is why One is blessed with the face of an Angel since ‘you get the face you deserve after the age of forty’

Suffice it to say, the unpleasant person has succumbed to this dictat.  Either that or she’d got her face on inside out.

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