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Thursday, 16 April 2015

In which the Admiral is bobbing about on the beautiful briny sea–WITHOUT ONE


One has ironed the Admiral’s Dress Uniform, see above, Dear Reader, and now he’s all set to biff off and float about being handsome for a week.

‘I’m not wearing sun lotion,’ says he as One enquired as to his skin care regime. Nonetheless One has secreted a bottle about his person and has paid another member of the voyage to sneak up on him and squirt it liberally upon his delicious self throughout the day.

One doesn’t want him coming back all red and blistered and whingeing.

There was a lot of bottom lip quivering as we bade one another farewell, but he pulled himself together eventually.

We have spent every single weekend together (from Friday to Tuesday) since we met. 

What the feck am I going to do without him?

Oh yeah, I remember, go to work.

He spent last evening serenading One on the Harpsicord in the music room whilst a flunky moved among us with fish finger sandwiches and pints of Vodka shandy.

One’s horizons shall be a tad limited until his return, so have opted to put One’s days off to good use. 

Gardening Tips for Girls…

Tip one… Don’t pull stinging nettles out with bare hands.


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