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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

In which–What’s One to do now?…

like your eyes I’m indescribably blue…

Matt Monroe or Andy Williams, or some other vertically challenged crooner of the day…

Any road up, Dear Reader, One has awoken from a most uncomfortable kip on the Futon (they may be fine for the tiny Oriental sort, but for a Biffer like One, they’re a tad basic) ‘Tis sort of like a Bullafo kipping in a pallet – it don’t work!

AND, One is ‘in one’. A blue mood.  Don’t know why…

Could it be that One is lonely in the Underground Lair? Yes that’s it!

One has been attempting to acquire a bod for the spare room on Easy Room Mate (which should be re-named Difficult Room Mate.

‘Would you like to renew your subscription?’ came the enquiry…

‘No, I fecking wouldn’t!’ countered One.

Thus far, One has had three curious sorts come for a gander.

‘Oh yes, I’m really interested,’ they say and then biff off into the ether never to be heard from again.

Perhaps due to One’s advancing years One isn’t considered fitting company.  Or maybe One has grown too odd over the years.  Spect that’s it.

Oh for the company of the Wood Nymph.  She was a charming housemate and I miss her.

Anyway, for whatever reason, One just can’t seem to lure anyone in and One is now in grave danger of losing the Underground Lair, since One can’t afford the mortgage.

One is now earning less than One did thirty five years ago and can’t meet One’s needs.  What’s to do?  Dunno!

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