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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

In which One screws up...

Well, Dear Reader, One's not quite sure how it happened, but One thought One had arranged a viewing of the spare room with 'a hard working young mum whose two small children visit every other weekend.'
'Get on!' thought One.
Since One shall be gainfully employed every other weekend and holed up at Le Manoir licking the A of the F the other weekend, should work out a treat., with One never actually encountering the two small children.
Turns out, upon further investigation that another sort with the same name was messaging One at the same time and One has inadvertently set up a viewing with'fun loving, housing benefits, single female' .
Just how 'fun loving' is 'fun loving female?
Not that One isn't 'fun loving' Oneself. Pray, no, Dear Reader, One is always in the front line when it comes to fun, but 'fun' One and the A of the F style, now involves a thermos flask and a strenuous biff through a bog, followed by an evening of Pinot quaffing and a Captain Birdseye Fish Fingering.
Tis many a long year since One shared with the Borilla (too big to be a bear, too ugly to be a gorilla) and would meet strange naked men in the hall on the way to the lavatory.
That road should remain less travelled these days, methinks.

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