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Monday, 23 March 2015

In which One just wants a chocolate egg…

easter hedgehog

One made a flying visit to Tesco in Ilfracombe in order to acquire victuals for me and ‘im on Friday night  and One’s world has been turned upside down.

Following the severe trauma of doing three actual full days of work last week One has now had to re-think One’s entire holiday product purchases.

Christmas – Chocolate Father Christmas - check

Mother’s Day – Box of Chocolates - check

Easter – Chocolate hedge-bleedin-hogs

Eggs!  They worked for me.

Fluffy chicks on me Simnel cake – I can handle that…

But, what the feck do hedgehogs have to do with Easter?

The world has gone bonkers thought One and biffed off with me trolley to be confronted by an Easter Frog. An Easter Frog? I’ve turned over two pages at once.

Kin Ada, Dear Reader, One was that shocked, One accidentally bought a bottle of Vodka.


As if that wasn’t enough One encountered a display of half price Easter fayre.

A whole pile of Easter Hedgehogs with their faces bashed in.

If One was traumatised by the Hedgehog oddities, imagine the perplexed face of the small child upon receipt of one with it’s face bashed in.

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