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Thursday, 19 March 2015

In which One isn’t having a laugh…

Day two completed…

A strange experience, Dear Reader, being back in the saddle.

Copious amounts of reading required and further training to be done next week.

‘You’ll ‘ave a laugh,’ said one of One’s workmates.  One thinks not judging by the story so far.

An eclectic mix of staff and residents certainly make for an unusual working day.

Any road up, One has no choices in One’s life at the moment and One shall persevere with a grimace in order to pay the rent.

It is rather comforting, however, to know that One shall be financially rewarded for One’s toil, albeit in a very small way, rather than painting stuff that I don’t want to paint and waiting for someone to buy it and then have someone else take 50% of the sale price.

So this is life now, and it’s flipping wearing One out big time!

Not that One will be excused from charging up hills and down dales with the delicious A of the F, who incidentally is threatening to take One out for supper on Saturday night.  I’ll mange me chapeau if that happens.  Once he’s taken up residence in the elderly gentleman’s moss green velour armchair and got a scotch in one hand and a fag in the other there’s  no shifting him!

One shall be wearing One’s new frock, however, a large checked garment that One has marked with grid references in order that One may instruct the A in which direction to ‘let his fingers do the walking.’


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