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Saturday, 21 March 2015

In which One is tucking it all in me Doreen…

That’s it, Dear Reader, am fully paid up, wrinkly, old wage slave.

Biffed up at the A of the F’s at the same time as he did, both having done a full day’s work.

The gaff was exactly as One had left it in One’s dash to the coal face.

Better get him sorted out this weekend or he’ll be pootling the highways and byways in the buff and One doesn’t want him loitering about being handsome in One’s absence.

Why is that chaps get more handsome as they grow older and women look like they need ironing and they’ve got their faces on inside out?

True, One has lost a truck full of lard these past months, but is left with enough spare skin to totally recover a burns unit.

Oh well, One’ll just pull up One’s kelp infused control leggings and tuck them in One’s Doreen.

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