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Sunday, 22 March 2015

In which One can’t seem to rekindle…

Last night he died in my arms, Dear Reader, and I can’t imagine how I shall go on without him. 

Since he came into my life and changed the world I have taken him everywhere with me. 

He is the keeper of all my secrets and has taken them to his watery grave.

Who will come willingly to the truckle bed and play backgammon with me until I fall asleep?  Who will be the recipient of all my innermost thoughts and feelings?  Who shall light my way across the boudoir floor when the lights go out?

I know, I know, he’s the third one and the former two didn’t last very long, but when he came along I thought we’d be together forever.

But when I reached out for him in the dark his battery light was on and it doesn’t seem to matter where I plug him in, he just won’t recharge.

I was going to buy him a fancy new leather jacket when I get paid to replace his purple polka dot one, but now I shall bury him under the willow just as he is.

I wanted an ipad anyway.

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