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Monday, 2 February 2015

In which Une is une petit bit Francais...

Bonjour mes ami, vous finds Une reclining dans le lit de truckle dans Le Manoir, avec le A of the F.
Une est feeling un petite bit Francais this matin, due to le fact that Une spent last nuit dreaming in France.
One was driving a little van rouge from France to a straw hat factory in Luton, where One was plaiting Boaters under the tuition of Wayne Sleep.
Wassat about?
Any road up, the stark reality of One's scary life smacked One in the gob in the manner of half a house brick in a handbag when One awoke and in a few minutes One shall make the dreaded Womb of Doom appointment.
There would appear to be no swerving the issue since the A of the F seems pretty determined that One should be ''re-bored' as he so delicately put it.
Whilst it is rather heartwarming that One finally has a cove who wants what is best for One, One would deffo swerve the issue at the drop of a chapeau, if One could get away with it.
Biffing off back to the Underground Lair later on today to interview a prospective occupant of the Kingdom of Spare Oom. Let's hope this one actually fronts up, as the last three have been 'No shows' without a by your leave, kiss me arse, nor nothing.
Apparently, Tom-31, is coming out of a relationship, doesn't do wild parties and wants somewhere he can be himself.
As long as he pays the rent and doesn't pooh in me Paddington, he can be anyone he likes, Dear Reader.

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