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Friday, 13 February 2015

In which One waxes lyrical...

My Funny Valentine has been presented with his hand thrown, fresh cream truffles, minus one, which was tested yesterday by my new 'roomie' the PO
She and One shall get on famously, she's got a cat!
'Oh feck me' said the A of the F upon hearing the news that One has acquired a pussy by proxy.
Upon the additional information that she was also a Special Constable, a further tirade of abuse was embarked upon.
Any road up, they'll have lots to talk about whilst One is ministering to the mog.

One spent a goodly amount of time trawling through me poetry tomes to find a suitable declaration of devotion to bung in with the truffles...

Because today is Valentine's
I'll make sure it's lots of fun
And to end the day
In the nicest way
I'll nip round and give you One

Lord Byron

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