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Saturday, 24 January 2015

In which One wonders...

Home at last...
The Underground Lair is a welcoming cave of warmth with the distinct aroma of cheesy feet wafting from the kingdom of spare oom.
The A of the F is recumbent in the truckle bed watching the cricket and One is catching up with Corrie.
The chesty, hacking cough is still reverberating about and One is obv NEVER GOING to get better.
BF shot up the hill yesterday as fast as she could with her tiny little legs and her walking stick.
Many fags were enjoyed as she cast her discerning beadies over the A of the F for the first time.
He looked magnificent, as he always does, in a pale blue satin smoking jacket that matched his steely eyes.
BFP arrived to catch BF smoking and brought with him a Christmas present for the A.
There Sat BFP and the A of the F like handsome sea-faring twins separated at birth whilst BF and One looked on in awe at the satisfying sight.
BF has had her' s for ages. One wonders how long One shall have One's.

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