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Sunday, 4 January 2015

In which One is to be inspected...

Feeling pretty much as if someone has beaten One up from the inside out. Which, of course, they have.
Off we biffed to see the Lovely Family.
Much hilarity was enjoyed when the A of the F said...
'Tell them what BF bought you for Christmas'.
Immediately upon hearing the tale of the carrot sharpener, the Lakeland catalogue was googled and items various, such as the mushroom brush, were perused and tittered about.
'A peanut is not actually a nut' opined the A of the F, Apropos of nothing.
Well to be fair we were all playing Logo and a peanut did feature in one of the questions.
'Of course it flamin' is' countered One, 'otherwise, why is it called a nut?'
Googling was entered into again and the peanut was deemed to be a 'legume' ,which One pointed out is a 'bean.'
Anyway 'girls' won.
One was in pussy cat heaven with two sitting upon One's LBD that got covered in fur.
'Oh, by the way,' dropped the A of the F into the conv, 'we're going out to lunch with my Mother and my daughter's family tomorrow.'
'So let's just get this right' enquired One, I am being presented to the family on mass, and you didn't think to tell me to bring something spesh to wear?'
Fortunately One always carries an emergency Chloe Tea Dress and a mink stole in the glove compartment, so One won't look too shabby.
Which is just as well since me LBD
 is covered in pussy hairs and me Uggs are muddy.
One has acquired the heads up from the chums...
Now, One is to be presented at court to the family...
Where is it all leading?
Who cares? 'Tis a regular, delightful, wizard wheeze.

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