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Thursday, 1 January 2015

In which One is having an oscopy…


Obv, we’ve already been for our first dip of the year in the Wivey outdoor pool (see above)

Attempted to contact Aged P on the mobile this very, and the signal dropped off after a minute or two, blessed be to God…

AP     Oh I was wondering what had happened to you.  I haven’t heard from you and I’ve tried to ring your mobile and nothing happens.

LO     I did tell you that I won’t have a landline until next week and that the signal is very poor in Wivey,

AP     The bloody Eileen can’t make gravy, you know, I offered to do it for her and she wouldn’t let me.  Anyway, her turkey was dry and tough and she has to go to the toilet every five minutes.

LO     I’ve got to go back to the hosp tomorrow for a hysteroscopy. 

AP     Ooooh I’ve had some oscopies.  It’s not that bad if you relax and she has sausages and chips every bloody day you know. She’s bought me another one of them T shirts with sequins on.  I ask you. Do I look like a….

Phone line went dead

One is now reclining on the chaise drinking Moet whilst the A of the F sucks me big toe.

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