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Saturday, 1 November 2014

In which One is listing...

The most blissful of days was spent yesterday down by the river in Bideford painting the view.
Warm sunshine and a soft Santana bathed Lovely One into a serene trance that was intermittently shagged by some thoughtless bastard hammering the bejesus out of his balcony.
No matter, One already had the embryo of a migraine gestating in me left temple any who.
Three times One drew the view afore One was satisfied with the outcome.
'What happened here?'  enquired the A of the F pointing to the far right of the beautifully executed masterpiece.
Sure enough the eagle-eyed fecker had espied that One must have been listing starboard toward the arse end of the afternoon, as all the buildings were tumbling down the riverbank.

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