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Sunday, 26 October 2014

In which the weekend is over...

Oh please, Dear Reader, it can't be Monday again already.
Cinders, following a weekend of glass slipper removal, with the handsome Prince, has got to take up position with the wicked stepmother again.
'I'm smouldering passionately,' informed One to the A.
'No you're not, you're having a hot flush,' counters he.
One felt that might be a cunning ruse to prolong the morning by say, fifteen years or so.
But no, anxious to transfer temporary custody of your very own Goddess, all protestations regarding a lengthier sojourn are being ignored.
I know, I know, Dear Reader, One has a catastrophic record in the longevity of ooman relationships, but hey, the A of the F must surely be due some sort of long service award.
One busily Geishas One's tits off on a daily basis at the mo.The first half of the week in not such a sanguine fashion, it has to be said, but come the weekend, One would cheerfully prostrate Oneself in the ultimate surrender, just for an extra three minutes of snuggling, before the ghastly whiff of reality pervades the atmosphere.
One's life is a v scary place to live, Darlings.
One needs to be rescued before it's too late and One's youthful charms are but a distant memory.
Oh well, spect I'll just smoke a fag and worry about that later. There's AGES yet.

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