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Friday, 24 October 2014

In which One snogs to victory...

One has made a v important discovery in the field of cognitive therapy, Darlings.
Going to work with the A of the F, which entails being driven along the winding Deepest Heaven roads at warp speed, is the ultimate stress buster.
Should one be lucky enough to begin one's journey in late Autumn afternoon, one can experience the breathtaking beauty of the A's profile in the golden hour just afore sunset.
Darkness swiftly falling, one can grip, white knuckled, to the FM handle, and thoroughly negate the need for the ex lax.
One jests, of course, as One trusts the A implicitly, and would gladly place One's life, or indeed any body part selection, in his capable, exquisite hands at the drop of a chapeau.
He does however, remain an enigma.
One, who operates on the premise of opening One's gob and allowing everything to  just come charging out without prior organization, is fascinated and flummoxed by the measured and considered A.
But beware my darling A, the enigma code was broken eventually by the brilliance of Alan Turin.
Obv, One isn't capable of such lofty brain powered feats, but One feels fairly confident that this particular enigma code shall be broken by softly lingering kisses.

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